Somewhere in between

It's such a sunny day, so many possibilities. I have this moment of stillness upon me. I'm somewhere between chapters. Not significant chapters of my life just of my mentality. I've always just wanted to rush through life and wanted to be where I was going. That's no longer the case. For once I'm embracing... Continue Reading →

Appreciate Time

Always make the best of the situation. I'll be the first to admit I often wish days gone. When it isn't going my way or just drags on. But we never realize that day isn't coming back. Instead of me making time to do something I enjoy, or taking time to make someone else's day,... Continue Reading →

Don’t be bitter over life.

I was twelve when my father was cursed with the flesh eating bacteria. What we thought was the flu was much worse. Little did we know we would spend thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital. I can remember eavesdropping on moms phones calls at 2 am so I could hear what was really going on.... Continue Reading →

Be content with the unknown

Everyone always expects you to have your life in order. As if we know what comes next. The thought of not always having control is nerve racking. But so is thinking that we waste the time we have worrying. So let's embrace it. My bio says it all, "I am doing the best I can... Continue Reading →

loving vs. in love

Being twenty years old I thought I knew what love was. It was when a guy told me I was beautiful and made me his WCW on his social media right? If he was really nice he might watch chick flicks with me and eat ice cream (that never happened) .. but that was my... Continue Reading →

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